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The best speaker by far – everyone was raving about you!
NACRO Annual Conference

“Gary is the perfect mix of the credible and the incredible”
David Welch, OSA Blue Sky Conference

Change the way
you think, communicate
and negotiate

Gary helps leaders, managers, teams and sales professionals to be more effective in challenging times by showing them how to use the “high stakes” skills he learnt as a lawyer, hostage negotiation researcher, business consultant and professional magician.


Be the Difference

How to think like a magician, persuade like a lawyer and negotiate as if your life depends on it

Ethical Influence

Behind the scenes about truth, trust and persuasion

Lies, Damn Lies, and Magic Tricks

How to tell if someone is lying to you – and what to do if they are

What Gary's Clients Say

cta-speech-rightcta-speech-leftWhat can I say, but brilliant! Your excellent presentation provided a different way of looking at ourselves, our clients and our businesses.


Million Dollar Round Table

What Gary's Clients Say

cta-speech-rightcta-speech-leftThanks so much for doing a fantastic job yesterday. Everyone was raving about you! The best speaker by far.


NACRO Annual Conference

What Gary's Clients Say

cta-speech-rightcta-speech-leftThank you for a fantastic presentation, a great way to conclude the conference – a real wake up call, very entertaining and with a lot of practical information for our people.


Raine & Horne

What Gary's Clients Say

cta-speech-rightcta-speech-leftThank you Gary – I received many comments about how entertaining, funny and informative you were, so thank you very much.


Newcrest Mining Ltd

What Gary's Clients Say

cta-speech-rightcta-speech-leftI paid good money to see Anthony Robbins – you’re better!


MIFSA Staff Conference

About Gary

Hi I’m Gary Edwards. I’ve been doing magic all my life, and worked as a professional corporate magician over a 20 year period. I’ve also been a lawyer, a hostage negotiation researcher, and a business consultant. For more than 10 years I’ve worked as a keynote speaker and coach, helping people to get better results in sales, leadership, teams and customer service by changing the way they think, communicate and negotiate.

I look forward to being able to work with you to improve your business – please get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss how I can help.

Gary’s Clients Include

Gary’s Expertise

Don’t let the magician bit throw you – Gary is a highly regarded expert in the area of conflict resolution and negotiation. Recently Gary was invited to speak on the ABC 7.30 program, commenting on police negotiation tactics during a hostage siege in Adelaide.

Gary combines his extensive knowledge about communicating and negotiating in pressure situations with his sense of humour and magic to give your conference a highly engaging and high impact presentation that people will be talking about afterwards.

Contact Gary today about speaking at your next event!

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